Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Small Scale Dolls for Window Displays

The Flying Phoebe Doll Club I belong to (go to http://flyingphoebe.blogspot.com) has been exhibiting our dolls every year for the month of December in the window display at The Book Shop on B Street in Hayward, CA. For 2014 members were asked to create small dolls for the exhibit there. I made a series of three dolls from a combination of materials 

 They are each about 12 inches tall. The ballerina has a cloth body and cloth legs that are painted, but her head and arms are sculpted from polymer clay.

 The doll below is made entirely from sculpted cloth. To me she looks like a princess from ancient Asia.

 The doll below has a cloth body but her head is sculpted polymer. She looks more like an ancient warrior queen. Her clothing is from dupioni silk and some very old lace from the late 1800s.



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