Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Love Affair with Yoyos

There are so many different items on my list of things to try. The list keeps growing each time I go into Pinterest and get inspired by the fabulous photos I see. I had never made yoyos before and was fascinated by them. So, I found some fabric scraps in my stash and gave it a try. The best use for them I could imagine was to turn them into jewelry. Necklaces, perhaps? And, what better way to use some of those many, many buttons, seed beads and embroidery threads I  either inherited from my grandmother or mother, or bought myself over the years! These are some of the results of my love affair with yoyos. I think I made 10 altogether. And, while I need a break from them for awhile, I think I will definitely revisit them in the future!

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