Friday, July 30, 2010

The Cake is Ready to Serve!

I have wanted to make a Lisa Kaus embellished layer cake box every since I discovered them on her Web site. I bought the boxes and glued them together, and then got side-tracked and there they sat.

At the end of May, I decided I was going to finish the project. I searched through my stash and found I really didn't have to buy anthing new... and I was off. I was expecially happy to find the unfinished string of pearls and gold beads I had purchased years ago at an estate sale in Hemet. I'm sure the maker is long gone... wouldn't she be surprised to find out how her beads were eventually used! The "cake" went together pretty fast, and I love it. Thank you, Lisa Kaus, for your ideas and inspiration. The cake box adds a yummy touch to my kitchen decor!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Do I Start?

I have been so very busy... so much has been happening...I have so much to say... where do I begin? June 1st brought a huge surprise. After submitting two challenges to Somerset Magazine and not having them returned (always a hopeful sign) I found my Aubergine submission was published on page 115 in the Summer 2010 issue of Somerset Studio Gallery. What a thrill! Until I receive back my Alice in Wonderland challenge, I can cling to the hope that it, too, will be also published in a future issue. Will keep you posted.

Aubergine was my second published work, after having my "Turkish Delight" doll published in Barbara Willis' book, Cloth Doll Artistry, in June 2009. I am counting my blessings!