Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Venture into Altered and Assembled

In June of this year, my artist friends and I once again participated in the East Bay Open Studios event at Wanda's adorable home/studio, Goose Cottage, in Alameda. We have been participating in this two-weekend sale and open house for several years, and it has proven to be an amazing success each time. We have a loyal following of fervent followers and buyers who make our success possible.
Our group of about 14 artists meets twice a month on Sundays at Wanda's to work on our individual projects, share ideas and inspiration, offer advice and support to each other, and enjoy a delicious Asian lunch at a nearby restaurant. We try to do something a little different each year at Open Studios. After enjoying success with yoyo necklaces, and items in an assortment of other media, I decided to follow my desire to make some assembled pieces out of up-cycled metal and wood, Altoid tins, and various found objects. They turned out to be very well received and a great success. Below is one assembled from a spice tin, small copper mold, rolled paper bead arms and legs, a head from a dollar store doll, which is embellished with a napkin ring.

I also made an assemblage from a push mold clay head, a piece of a wooden louvered shutter, a tiny Altoid tin, a vintage nutmeg grater, parts from an old vegetable steamer, an ornate drawer pull, and a brown seed bead bracelet, which I used for hair.

I made another spice tin figure with a polymer face I had sculpted, and a small gelatin mold.
 Then I used an Altoid tin to create a wall hanging of a prince with a sculpted clay head. 

 When the tin is opened, small objects relating to his life and loves can be found inside.

Another Aaltoid tin turned into a small soldier, shown below. His hat is part of a small tea caddy, his shoulders are wheels from an old comptometer, and his face is also from sculpted polymer. His upper legs are bullet casings and his hands, of course, are patina coated keys.

When his tin is opened, he also reveals hidden treasures. 

I made a small wall hanging from half of an Altoid tin, with the message "Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, you will land among the stars."

And, I made other Altoid tin figures that open up. Examples are the fairy and fortune teller that are pictured below.





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