Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Playing with Dominos

Ah, more ideas from Pinterest. What to do with all those dominos laying around the house that no one plays with anymore? Well, it seem people are making jewelry and tiny folding books with them. So, I thought I would try it out! Above and below are two of the pendants I made by gluing some of my favorite graphics onto dominos and embellishing them with vintage jewelry parts.

Below is a pin I made from a domino. Actually I made several for gifts. One of my favorite subjects... poor Marie!

And, below is another pendant.

The following are photos of the folding books, made with a dominos for the front and back. I work in cycles... for each type of project I usually can made about 8 to 10 items max, and then I am burned out and need to move on to something else for awhile. But, the door is always open to return to dominos, or anything else, once I forget the exhaustion I endured, but remember the pleasure.


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