Thursday, March 4, 2010

I needed to make a new nametag for myself and some little gifts for some friends. I had so much fun assembling my little birds (both magnets and hangers) from sheet copper, wire, beads, and various collag├ęd elements. Everyone loved them.

I recently took Cyndi Mahlstadt's class on "Evie Mae Flowers." What fun! Cyndi supplied us with wire (sprinkler and telephone wire) with which to make the body, which was wrapped with cheese cloth strips. Cyndi also supplied one of her darling clay faces, which I covered with cotton/lycra knit and painted. Evie's skirt is a silk flower, and I chose to embellish her with beads, silk ribbons and handmade ribbon flowers, with eyelash yarn for her hair. I loved the class (Cyndi is so sweet) and love my doll. Thanks Cyndi!