Monday, February 27, 2012

New Beginnings

Time really flies! Especially those holidays—and where did winter go? It has seemed like spring here for weeks. The trees are all blossoming and the bulbs are all blooming. So beautiful! It is time for new beginnings and new projects.

I have started making some small crowns and some Eiffel Towers from paper. And, painting a lot of medium sized objects, including picture frames, with chalk paint for that shabby chic look. I am so lucky that my beautiful 7-year-old granddaughter loves anything French... just like me. We are in the process of decorating her new bedroom! I am thrilled!!!

I am in another postcard exchange with 9 of my Phoebe dollmaker friends. I have three to do each month—three down and six to go. I can't wait to receive all mine! I also made a bunch of cards... French, of course! Here are a few.


Here's to another wonderful year of crafting. This time I hope to take more time to photograph my projects and post them, before they end up in someone else's home!

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