Sunday, August 8, 2010

Valentine (Colette) Is Ready For Houston

For the third year in a row I have been invited by Pamela Armas (The Gypsy) to submit a doll to the "In Celebration of the Doll" exhibit at the Houston Quilt Market and Festival, which will be held October 30-November 7, 2010. After finishing Keiran, my doll from the Wendy Froud class (see last blog), I moved on to finish my Houston doll.
When I submitted my paperwork a few months ago to agree to participate in the exhibit, I named her Colette, but when I decided to use the unusual heart/wings piece of metal that I had picked up at an antique store in Lafayette many years ago and incorporate it into her costume, perhaps I should have named her "Valentine."
Regardless of her name, she is finally finished! She is sculptured cloth with Tibetan lamb hair. I hope she enjoys her trip to Houston and I hope she is well received when she arrives in Texas in September. She is probably my last "ballet slipper" doll for awhile, as now that I have also finished my Memory Box doll, "Three Grandmothers and Emily Rose" (next blog), I hope to switch to clay and try my hand at creating something new with the techniques I learned in Wendy Froud's wonderful class. And, perhaps also a different style of cloth doll pattern.

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